Dr André Pienaar (PhD – Stellenbosch University) is a Biokineticist and will be available on Friday afternoons and Saturday mornings at Minette de Klerk’s Percy Osborn Road studio.

He works on an appointment basis, but will also be available at short notice on Saturday mornings. He is available for consultations with the public and not only Academy students.

Dr Pienaar’s main fields of specialisation are:

· Orthopaedic assessments and rehabilitation – this include rehabilitation of injuries to the back, shoulders, knees, hips, neck, ankles, and other joints

· Sports injuries – prevention & rehabilitation of all types of sports injuries.

· General and sport specific fitness

· For ballet dancers (apart from injuries, which will be dealt with separately), Dr Pienaar will concentrate on assessments of muscular imbalances and dysfunctions.

A ballet muscle function and strength test battery will be set up for ballet dancers.

The age group, as well as the specific individual dancer, will be taken into consideration. An individual training programme for each individual dancer will be designed to address the specific needs of the dancer.

This should improve their balancing and proprioception (e.g. when performing pirouettes), jumping power (grand jetés) and scapula-shoulder strength for assisting upper body movements and neck core stability. A balanced dancer is a fitter, stronger and more injury free dancer.

Fees are payable to Dr Pienaar directly and may be claimed from medical aids.

A first assessment is R470, including the programme. Re-assessment is R350.

Appointments to be made via Annatjie: OR 082 411 3792