Montana Harding


At the age of six I started rhythmic gymnastics and continued with this for the next nine years. When I was 12 I quit but I received my South African colours. When I was 13 I took up ballet and that year I did my Grade 4 examination and the following year I did Grade 5. This past year I was in the Youth Ballet with Dudley von Loggenburg.

This year I joined the KZN Dance Academy and passed the Intermediate Foundation examination. I will be doing my Intermediate examination later this year. I am also working on the Advanced 1 syllabus to prepare me for this exam.

I hope that I will be able to complete my Advanced 2 exam and that I will have a solo in one of our studio shows. Ballet has taught me many things in life, for example, perseverance and hard work will always pay off. I really enjoy ballet because it makes me feel free and always puts me in a better mood.