Tara Goodwill


My love and passion for dancing began when my grandmother sent me to modern dancing classes at the age of six. My first dancing school was owned and run by Dianne Godfrey. After dancing with her for about three years, she relocated and I started dancing with Lynn Totham.

I trained in modern/contemporary and tap with Lynn until I was fifteen years old. I had a late start in ballet, only beginning at fourteen. I danced with Chantel Laubscher for just over a year when I unfortunately had to stop all dancing due to unfavourable circumstances. This was a very difficult decision to make at the time and it broke my heart to have to do so.

Once I had finished school and completed my degree at twenty one years old, I began dancing classes again. It was quite difficult picking up where I had left off but I was very dedicated and determined.

I successfully completed all my major A.I.D.T modern examinations as well as my Gold Lower tap examination with Lynn Totham and finished my Advanced 1 ballet examination with Chantel Laubscher.

I am currently training for my Advanced 2 ballet exam with Beverley and Kerry Hall and have recently passed my first A.I.D.T Modern Associate exam which qualifies me to teach up to Grade 3 modern.

I will complete my Modern Associate examinations in the next few years and I am hoping to begin my ballet Associate when I complete my Advanced 2 exam.

I would also like to qualify as a Pilates instructor and will begin this endeavour next year. My dream is to own my own studio in the future where I can offer students dance classes as well as conditioning and strength training. I am not sure what the future holds for me, but I know that dance will be a big part of it.