Testimonial – Charmaine Wood

19 November 2015

KZN Dance Academy

Dear Yvonne and Margie

Thank you so much for selecting Hannah Wood for KZN Dance Academy for 2016. We are so excited and thrilled that she has the opportunity to dance for KZN Academy next year.

On a personal note – Roger and I want to share with you what a wonderful blessing the Academy has been for Hannah. Having arrived from Joburg 3 years ago, not knowing a single soul, being part of the Academy has done more for Hannah than what we could ever have imagined!

The expertise of her teachers, the new friendships she has formed, stretching her own personal, physical, emotional and mental abilities has developed and strengthened her in leaps and bounds.

We are so grateful that the Academy has been a catalyst in her character building and made her make mature, responsible decisions in a secure environment that we doubt she would ever have had the opportunity to make anywhere else. We are so grateful.

This letter is a testimony to the dedication and hard work you sow into the future of our daughters’ lives.

God bless you

Charmaine Wood