Isabella Redman



Looking back at my previous years of ballet training I remember attending ballet class because ballet was what little girls did. As young as I was in Grade 1, I realised that ballet was what I loved doing and perfected my ballet bun which my mom hasn’t done since. I was always the ballerina-looking performer at my Rhythmic Gymnastics competitions, of which I achieved South African colours. In 2011 when my family moved to Hillcrest I changed ballet studios and my love for dance continued to grow. The Mabel Ryan Medal Award competition was the stepping stone to a more mature perspective and idea of dance.


I am currently dancing at Lucinda Stanley’s studio and completing my Intermediate examination. Joining KZN Dance Academy has simulated my consideration of dance as a profession. I have also discovered a new profound love for Contemporary Dance. I love having the opportunity of performing often and receive a different class that is not only concentrated on examination work. I am constantly motivated and surpassing myself in a positive direction when dancing with KZNDA.


In the future I wish to dance professionally and experience the world of dance as well as the numerous different ballets. I intend to attain my teacher’s qualification and hope to have a studio of my own one day. I also have dreams of possibly creating a ballet or dance school in which young aspiring dancers can live their dreams everyday attending class and exposing themselves to the various different kinds of dance.