Kaylee Prosser


I have been doing ballet since the age of two. My grandmother, Gaynor Prosser and my aunt, Jessica Kearns Westbrook were both part of the ballet world. This inspired me on the ballet path. As a little girl I was completely captivated by the beauty and elegance of this art form.

I danced up until the age of 11 and then took a break from ballet. On reflecting back I am so glad I made the conscious decision to discover what I truly wanted out of life. Presently, I am working towards doing my Advanced 2 examination which is at the end of September. The dedication of my teachers, Gaynor Prosser and Yvonne Barker, enables me to strive towards achieving my goals. To keep my dreams alive, I teach at various pre-schools which brings balance and joy into my art form.

In the future I hope to travel and dance on the cruise lines, as well as go around the world gaining experience from other teachers and dancers. Both my aunts who live in England run their own successful studios. I hope to be able to have the opportunity to help them and of course gain more experience about my chosen art form. This I hope will help me grow and learn so that one day when I decide to open up my own studio I will be successful and fully equiped to do so.